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What to Expect

  • Costs
    Trial Instructional / Introductory Flight (TIF, approx 30 mins) $230.00 Instructional (includes supervised solo flights) $300.00 per 2hr session (1hr flying time) Minimum cost to Pilot Certificate (20 hrs – $6500.00 no previous experience) Training manuals (BAK, Human Factors, logbook) $110.00 Theory lessons as required $110.00 per hr Student Pilot Membership RA-Aus: 18yrs or less - $199 / 18yrs and above - $325.00 per annum + $30 joining fee - subject to change
  • Flying sounds hard. Can I really do it?
    You might think that becoming a pilot is beyond your capabilities, however, we believe that anyone with reasonable aptitude and the commitment to make a small investment, can become a private pilot. The joy of flight and piloting an aircraft is a very achievable goal for most people and quite affordable.
  • Location
    Jindabyne Randall Community Aerodrome is situated on Tinworth Drive off the Barry Way (opposite the Sport & Rec Facility). There are no food outlets on site and it is recommended that all visitors bring their own as required. Please note that the airfield is not attended on a regular basis. It is important for visitors/students to phone well in advance if they are planning on visiting Alpine Aviation Australia. Weather (wind and/or cloud/precipitation) plays a critical role in any decision as to whether it is safe to fly. To avoid disappointment and unnecessary travel, please contact Alpine Aviation Australia before coming to the airfield.
  • What to Wear
    Wear comfortable clothing. Jackets and ties are not recommended. The aircraft does have some thermal control. Sneakers/walking shoes – no thongs or bare feet. Caps assist with glare and headsets. No hats with rims. Gloves not required.
  • Insurance
    AAA carries Public Liability Insurance and passenger liability($5m) for its Jabiru aircrafts RA-Aus carries Member Insurance for Public Liability ($10m) and passenger (including student pilots) liability to $250,000. Pilots-In-Command currently have no insurance cover and fly at their own risk.
  • Medical Requirements
    Pilot Certificate – health standard equivalent to that required for the issue of a private motor vehicle driver's licence in Australia
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