What to Expect


Jindabyne Randall Community Aerodrome is situated on Tinworth Drive off the Barry Way (opposite the Sport & Rec Facility). There are no food outlets on site and it is recommended that all visitors bring their own as required. Please note that the airfield is not attended on a regular basis. It is important for visitors/students to phone well in advance if they are planning on visiting Alpine Aviation Australia. Weather (wind and/or cloud/precipitation) plays a critical role in any decision as to whether it is safe to fly. To avoid disappointment and unnecessary travel, please contact Alpine Aviation Australia before coming to the airfield.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothing. Jackets and ties are not recommended. The aircraft does have some thermal control. Sneakers/walking shoes – no thongs or bare feet. Caps assist with glare and headsets. No hats with rims. Gloves not required.

Flying sounds hard. Can I really do it?

You might think that becoming a pilot is beyond your capabilities, however, we believe that anyone with reasonable aptitude and the commitment to make a small investment, can become a private pilot. The joy of flight and piloting an aircraft is a very achievable goal for most people and quite affordable.

Medical Requirements

Pilot Certificate – health standard equivalent to that required for the issue of a private motor vehicle driver's licence in Australia


AAA carries Public Liability Insurance and passenger liability($5m) for its Jabiru aircrafts RA-Aus carries Member Insurance for Public Liability ($10m) and passenger (including student pilots) liability to $250,000. Pilots-In-Command currently have no insurance cover and fly at their own risk.


Trial Instructional / Introductory Flight (TIF, approx 30 mins) $200.00 Instructional (includes supervised solo flights) $280.00 per 2hr session (1hr flying time) Minimum cost to Pilot Certificate (20 hrs – $5600.00 no previous experience) Training manuals (BAK, Human Factors, logbook) $110.00 Theory lessons as required $100.00 per hr Student Pilot Membership RA-Aus: 18yrs or less - $179 / 18yrs and above - $250.00 per annum + $22 joining fee - subject to change