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Become a Pilot

Did you know?

- You can fly solo from the age of 15 and start flight training even earlier.

- You can achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate in as little as 20 hours flight time.

- You can achieve your pilot certificate for less than $6000.

- Competent pilots may own and maintain their own aircraft, significantly lowering costs.

- Recreational Aviation Australia only requires a self-declared drivers licence medical saving you time and money - Some conditions apply.

- Hours flown with Recreational Aviation Australia count towards achieving your recreational or professional goals, whether you want to fly for fun or as a career, the sky really is the limit.

RA-Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate

Learning to fly is an exciting journey. From your trial instructional flight (TIF) to your first solo, passing your theory exams, learning to navigate, gaining your pilot certificate and then taking a friend or loved one with you for the first time and sharing your passion with them. 

The Pilot Certificate generally involves these steps:

  1. Approach a club or training facility and do a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

  2. Join the flying club or facility and join RAAus

  3. RA-Aus will issue you with a student pilot certificate

  4. The instructor will advise you on suitable textbooks,resources or websites

  5. You will begin instruction in the aircraft and classroom as well as home study

  6. Before you can fly solo, you must pass a Pre-solo Air legislation and a Radio exam. You will never forget the day you first fly solo in an aircraft!

  7. You will then continue to train and sit exams until you pass your flight test.  Some time around this point you will be signed off in your logbook as having attained a Pilot Certificate.

  8. You need 10 hours of Pilot in Command (solo flight) before you can be issued with a Passenger (PAX) Endorsement so that you can take a family member or friend up for a flight.

  9. Most pilots then spend considerable time gaining experience and enjoying flight in their local region within 25 nms of their home base until they gain their Cross Country Navigation Endorsement. Some progress immediately on to other endorsements as they so desire.

  10. An RA-Aus Pilot Certificate with Cross Country Endorsement is a great entry to further qualifications in aviation if so desired - a Private Pilot, a Commercial or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

RA-Aus Ratings and Endorsements

After attaining a RA-Aus Pilot Certificate, you can obtain the following RA-Aus endorsements at Alpine Aviation Australia:

- Navigation

- Radio Operator

- Passenger Carrying

- Cross Country

- Formation Flying

- Tail Wheel Undercarriage

- In-flight Adjustable Propeller

- Pilot Instruction

- Advanced Pilot Award

- Low Level

- Theory Instructor

- Flight Instructor

- Retractable Undercarriage

- Float Endorsement

- Three Axis Aircraft

- Nose Wheel

Aviation Program at SMGS

Alpine Aviation Australia is in partner with Snowy Mountain Grammar School in offering Aviation Programs to students from year 7.

The Aviation Program gives Snowy Mountains Grammar School students the opportunity to soar, as they are introduced to the exciting world of flying. The program offers seven full courses across fixed-wing aircraft and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (quadcopter drones), the program is one of the few provided by an Australian high school. Each level of learning offers students a new and stimulating way to engage with their education, through the application of maths, physics, and geography principles in a real-life setting.

For more information, visit SMGS Aviation Program.

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